Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Who can help with debt?


 Who can help with debt?

While this is not directly related to gardening.. gardening is related to helping reduce debt, by growing your own food. You can read more on my blog.

For the answer to "Who can help with debt?" here is my reply.

Sure that is easy DON’T get in debt, to begin with, learn to be responsible and pay your way as you go, Remember there isn’t any free lunch, someone somewhere has to pay for handouts or welfare.

Most of which comes from hard-working folks paid with their tax dollars.

Get a pair of scissors cut credit card debt in half. Use cash or debit cards only. Buy only what you can afford and pay off your credit card every month. Don’t buy things to impress other people, most people are not looking at them anyways. Buy things out of season like sweaters in the summertime, and bathing suits in the winter. Shop second-hand stores, (tip if you don’t want to be noticed by your friends just wear a mask) although that shouldn’t be a problem (being noticed).

If you are a senior ask if the discount is offered and thank them for it if it is. Give to others and you will have more to give away.

Save your money and read how to invest. Warren Buffet spends five hours daily reading. Get tips from those who walk the walk who have been there. Don’t ask friends who are in debt how to get out of debt.

Get a side job or gig that is easy to do.

Be frugal. But not cheap. Buy quality, not junk. Look online for used but good items. For example, I find books at great prices even used and they look like new. I hope this helps you?Protected by Copyscape  

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Anonymous said...

Very funny "cut credit card debt in half...get a pair of scissors' Ha ha