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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Tomato Paste with a side kick.

Tomato Paste with a sidekick.

So I have been sitting on the side-lines as far as selling vintage antiques and collectibles. But sitting is far from the truth. Right now I'm laying down to write this new post. You see my garden has been very productive and kept me busy all Spring through mid Summer.
 I still don't know what to do with Hubbard Squash? This is one plant and thank goodness there is only four squash because they are huge.

The tomato plants are still producing however much slower. Not a lot of pollinators and cooler nights might have something to do with that. 
Searching Pinterest brought me to "How To Make Tomato Paste", by Maries McClellan.
Sorry but I could not link Marisa McClellan's Pinterest page. 

The tomato paste came out great. My results produced seven 4 ounce jars of super thick tomato paste. All from my homegrown Amish paste and Hungarian paste tomatoes.

But when I got to step four that is my side-kick the sidekick comes in. 

Step four said to discard the seeds and the tomato skin. Not this guy, I am frugal right to the skin.  So I  spread the seeds and skins on my Excaliber dehydrator tray lined with parchment paper.
Once dried which took about 26 hours at 135 degrees. The dried skins went into the coffee bean grinder.

This was a medium-coarse grind. After everything was ground the bowl of powder was tossed back into the coffee grinder. Then 1 1/2 teaspoons of big crystals sea salt were added.    That was salty!  The amount of salt would be fine at 3/4 or 1/2 teaspoon.
The results is a Tomato Salt Seasoning for many uses in the kitchen.
So do not discard tomato skin and seeds even the skin from boiled and cooled tomato that will be canned as whole tomatoes is good for dehydrating and making Tomato Salt Seasoning.
Just tell the JimBo said so.

By the way, the screw top lid on my mason jar is cut from the half-gallon milk cartons.  Don't waste anything, folks!

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

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Monday, April 22, 2019

MotheDay May 12th 2019 Soon to list --ready to ship

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Wow, check out this video album  Google made from my photo shoot. After you click this link the video button is top right corner.

Do you know Mother's Day is just around the corner?  Yes May 12th
   Mom's are special in all of our daily living. It is those little things they do or have done and sometimes we did know they did something for us in some way that we benefited from it.
 For some like myself, our mom's are no longer with us. But we can be grateful for the memories.  Like the peanut butter cookie recipe, she left me one day years ago.   
It is her own and writing, too.  I have made cookies using the recipe now and then.  The cookies come out of the oven and smell so good, and they are. However, there is just something missing. Something that can never be baked into those peanut butter cookies the way mom made them.  Her smile and laughter and the fun she had making them.  She told me once that I ate them faster than she could bake them. Don't you know a glass of cold milk and freshly baked peanut butter cookies to dunk in it is the best thing? You had to get the cookie out of the milk at the right time. Not too long before the warm was gone and not too long before the cookie broke off into the milk and then get it to your taste buds.   Those were the days and mom's make them bright. Thanks, mom for the memories!  Today coffee takes the place of the milk. But nothing can replace mom.

Please try my mom's peanut butter cookie recipe.

Talking about coffee please take a look at the Manning Bowman electric coffee percolator listed of eBay.    
Manning Bowman Electric coffee percolator

I tested this percolator and it makes great coffee. This is just right for those vintage memories and a plate full of freshly baked cookies.
Anchor Hocking Irish Coffee mugs
 If you want to try some Irish coffee with the cookies. Personally, I do not drink liquor so cannot testify to the taste of it with cookies. May you could let me know? 

 Please have a great day and don't forget to shop my listings for your mother's day gifts. Hurry time is going fast. 


Monday, April 8, 2019

Ever Farmer Needs A Good Telephone

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Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Co. Advertisement 1905.JPG
By Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company - 1905 International Live Stock Exposition Official Catalogue, December 16-23, 1905. (Inside back cover) "The Cooper Collections of Telecommunications History" (uploader's private collection) Scanned by Centpacrr, Public Domain, Link   

As I was growing up in the area of South Miami, Fla. I worked at a small roadside fruit and vegetable stand. Learning that I enjoyed gardening and how to grow plants from cuttings and even some marketing skills now that I think about it. Later I worked at a farm where beans and tomatoes and other crops were grown.  
Tomatoes from my 2018 crop

Something was really neat about the (farmer) boss' pick-up truck.  We worked the beans when the horn on his truck started to blow. He ran to the truck and no sooner was the door opened when the horn stopped. You could hear him talk you would think he was crazy...who was he talking, too?  Not only that why the blew anyways?  Come to find out the horn was sounding because it was connected to his telephone that was mounted on his truck. Well, to me that was just the coolest thing.  After all, you had to be very important like a President or Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 to have a telephone in your vehicle.

Funny how times have changed isn't it? But, I really lived that story. Then today I found this advertisement for the Stromberg Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company.  How important the telephone was to the farmer. Equally important was the importance of a quality product that Stromberg Carlson Telephone  Manufacturing Company made.

As the story goes the telephone has become very important in every person's life. They are so commonplace that the preacher needs to remind the congregation to turn them off while the sermon is preached. That should be given because God has a direct line to each soul already.  But, we often forget, don't we?   

1969 Stromberg-Carlson rotary dial telephone
This telephone has solid as the advertisement reads. Complete with the characteristics of a vintage collectible telephone. with deep rich avocado green and wall mount jack. The actual operation status of this unit would require that it be mounted to a wall jack and I was not able to test and verify the functionality on this rotary dial telephone.  It along with the A.T.& T. rotary dial telephone are both now available for purchase.

A.T. & T. circa late,1960's sold as a collectible as is!  This one was difficult to capture the true color no matter what light or photo settings. First, the handset has different color ear and mouthpiece than the handle they look good, but definitely not originally made together. Secondly, the coil cord is white. The telephone at one time had stickers on it, for example, there is a square fade spot on the handset rest. My best guess is originally an off white or light yellow.

Mid-Century-Modern-A-T-T-rotary-dial telephone

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The bench mark was reached and they left me out!

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The Bench Mark was reached and they left me out!

Have you ever been in the running when things started to look better and then they got sour?

Here I was getting bids on the newly listed Disney Dollars and each and of them sold on Sunday, March 31st.
I was very happy with the bidding. Thank-you customers. what made this promotion even nicer was how easy it was to package them for shipping. The seller's dream in the packing department.
       As this was taking place it was time to promote some other listings. Well, here is where the sour part comes in.
My eBay sellers bench-mark was met. Okay, that is what the message $5.00 Try buying a cup of coffee for $5.00

Speaking of coffee. Check out these great collectible coffee mugs. 
The benchmark of all was that I reached the sellers limit and a $5.00 sell would put me over.  What was I going to do?  Nothing could be done. So I removed the 9 or 10 items from eBay and took off for two days.   Today I call eBay to find out what the issue was. Was it some kind of April's fool joke!  The nice lady at eBay told me that my account was at the limit for April! I said what is my limit? She said I am at the $15,000 in sells for each month.  

That would be well and good, but the fact was that my wallet failed to show the $15,000 sells.  

Yes, the support of customers like you is great. You all have made some really great deals and I appreciate you all. 

But, my sells have never reached $15,000 in a month. It would tickle me so to reach even half that benchmark. 

It was a benchmark alright with me sitting on the bench. 

But the reality of it all folks, it was a bug in the eBay system.
The bug in eBay's account information that said Stirred2generosity   was maxed out.   
And the only benchmark that I reached this month was the one of relisting more items. 

Hobnail Parlor lamps or make-up table Shabby-Chic

Hobnail Milk Glass lamp $9.50
Vintage Shabby Chic Lamp $59.00
Here are some excellent example of Shabby chic taste. The sea-foam light green with gold-tone design shapes that look like window sashes. Pink floral could be gladiolas since the green leaves on the base of the flower is long and green with gold trim, also. This lamp is 13 plus inch tall and is in working condition. This is really a nice little lamp.

Vtg. triple tier 11" inch Hobnail milk glass makeup table lamp.$14.75
3 in 1oil can with fluid inside. $14.75

God bless you and thanks for shopping.