Monday, May 3, 2021

How to use a bucksaw.


Tree work is said to be one of the most dangerous jobs anyone could have. I learned a lot watching James a professional we hired to fell the trees on our property.  You could not pay me enough to do this.

 Now that the trees are down we are doing what is called "log bucking" the trees. This is unsafe, too. Before  James left he said. "Take your time and work slowly, be safe. Call me if you need help."

The "good old days" when two men used a bucksaw.

Highest Tree Cutting Down and Most Skilled Climb Tree You Never See Before

Just think if he cut his rope? Too many "What ifs" that I can think of. The second tree with the camera on the logger's head. Wow, look how close he cuts to the rope?  "Nice view," he says. But I could find enough "views" with far more safety. I wonder how much these guys were paid? 

This video shows how to make trees fall where you want them to go by using a pro. who is skilled.   WORLD'S BEST TREE-FELLING TUTORIAL! Way more information than you ever wanted on how to fell a tree!.  

A skilled and insured tree person is a MUST.  
The following shows some very stupid and dangerous tree work. 

Never hire or get untrained people to fall your trees. Saving money is not an option to compromise safety.

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