Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How does a home garden improve food security?


This is a fantastic question, my answer is a hope that you dig in and start a garden. At the same time direct you towards sustainable garden methods which makes it worth your time? The direct answer is this, as people learn to grow their food for themselves using sustainable methods, they become less dependent on ‘big Ag’= Big Agriculture. That alone is a plus for the environment and for the individual’s peace of mind. As well as know what, when, and your food comes from. You also are in control of how much and the quality of the food and are not limited or rationed as some foods and other items are right now during this pandemic.

 I have been growing a vegetable garden for nearly 35 or 40 years, each year is something to look forward to as I try new to me vegetables that are not available in the grocery stores. Then there is the learning of a new method to produce a better harvest and with higher quality. Growing your own food gives you a direct say about will use chemicals that harm not just the environment but the health of your body. Or will you use methods that produce high-quality, healthy food and at the same time improve the environment? Protected by Copyscape

 I highly recommend John Jeavon's methods and his book ’How to Grow more vegetables’, Be sure you get the ninth edition. Then you ever thought it possible on less land with less water than you can imagine. Watch how to with these great videos Grow BioINTENSIVEve..

Here are the fruits of my labor from 3 apple trees and some vegetables.

This is grape juice, our vines were very full of fruit in 2022. I canned up over 6 gallons of grape juice from 4 grape vines. 

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