Saturday, July 11, 2020

How much Wheat do I need to grow for a year supply?


How much wheat do I need to grow for a year's supply? That depends on what you are going to make with it? But if you like bread use this method. I also recommend that you grow Enkorn wheat the original wheat that is none hybridized and has many nutrients for the buck. If you grow three garden beds 10 feet by 10 feet each, each one would be 100 square feet. For a total of 300 square feet. Each garden bed will produce enough wheat to make 17 loaves of bread or one loaf every week for 51 weeks. I learned this from Ecology Action: Home Grow Bio Intensive and I highly recommend learning this growing method. I currently grow what I term the ECO garden method a step better than organic because I do not use ANY chemicals at all. I am converting more of my growing methods according to **GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming. Best to your wheat growing efforts. You are on your way to becoming a tried and true “breadwinner” at home!** This question was asked on Quora
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