Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The China Study an absolutely informative book.

Today's blog, it is all about diet and what we put into our God-given bodies. We laugh and make jokes saying "you are what you eat." Do you really believe that? It is the truth, so just what is it you are eating. I'm not talking about just if you love meat and have to have it. Or if you go totally raw foods or vegetables and none other. And can you imagine there is even talk about 3D printing food? "it converts proteins from algae, beet leaves, or insects into tasty products.

 " Sounds like what I want to eat? No Thanks. 

 The thought that one "nutrition" could be at stake concerns me when looking at this option. God intended that our food is enriched by the soil, fresh air, sunlight, and rain along with other qualities nature offers. Is life moving so fast for people that real food and its benefit to the human body have to be made in a copy machine? We have to think of health and the ramifications of long-term use of food from a copier. 

If this is a desire for the masses then more power to them, I'll grow from seed, harvest, prepare and cook my food. You would be doing yourself a super big favor to read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell II And I am not selling my copy. 

 An absolutely informative book on diet and health, backed by untold numbers of reports and years, and years of study and research. 
Long ago when I began my journey of gaining control of bad health with high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. My doctor put me on pills for all of those things. He then told me to lose weight as well. I asked him for alternative options for the pills. Seeking to go with a "natural" approach whatever that might be? He told me that there wasn't anything that could be done from a natural point of view. Well, I did not like that answer. 

However, I began taking the prescribed medication. But did not like that I would need to take this from then on. I found out that blood pressure medication was causing another health issue. Right at this moment, I cannot pinpoint it other than it was kidney related. This information was given to me by my father-law who was a Homeopathic doctor (now gone home with The Lord).

 At his suggestion, I stopped taking it. I might add that my weight was around 335 pounds. I began to research on the internet for people who had similar health issues as mine. The bottom line was that I changed from a meat eater to a vegetarian. Then dropped weight, 117 lbs over the next 2 to 3 years by eating a plant-based diet of fruit and vegetables. 

By eating more fiber and reducing processed foods. Replacing them with real food. I was in a lifestyle change for the better. After visiting the doctor for a checkup, he found the weight loss fantastic and the high blood pressure was gone along with the diabetes. He said I don't know what you are doing but keep on doing it. 

As I read "The China Study" I found many of my personal research was similar to the content of the book. This made me glad. The part that made me sad was just how bad the system is. The system Americans have depended on for years and years. Government and food industries. 

Nutritional "research" that we trusted now finds large gaping holes of distrust. Industrial giants whose motive is to destroy from within. I cannot say enough about this book. Everyone owes it to themselves to read this book. Read it with an open mind. it will change your life.

 See my GoodReads on other books that I read and have reviews on. The China Study influenced a lot of my gardening methods, too!
God Bless you! Jimbo 

This photo is my 2018 garden without any 
chemicals of any kind just pure nature. 
I thank the Good LORD for His wisdom.
Garlic and potatoes Mid Spring 2018Protected by Copyscape

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