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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The bench mark was reached and they left me out!

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The Bench Mark was reached and they left me out!

Have you ever been in the running when things started to look better and then they got sour?

Here I was getting bids on the newly listed Disney Dollars and each and of them sold on Sunday, March 31st.
I was very happy with the bidding. Thank-you customers. what made this promotion even nicer was how easy it was to package them for shipping. The seller's dream in the packing department.
       As this was taking place it was time to promote some other listings. Well, here is where the sour part comes in.
My eBay sellers bench-mark was met. Okay, that is what the message $5.00 Try buying a cup of coffee for $5.00

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The benchmark of all was that I reached the sellers limit and a $5.00 sell would put me over.  What was I going to do?  Nothing could be done. So I removed the 9 or 10 items from eBay and took off for two days.   Today I call eBay to find out what the issue was. Was it some kind of April's fool joke!  The nice lady at eBay told me that my account was at the limit for April! I said what is my limit? She said I am at the $15,000 in sells for each month.  

That would be well and good, but the fact was that my wallet failed to show the $15,000 sells.  

Yes, the support of customers like you is great. You all have made some really great deals and I appreciate you all. 

But, my sells have never reached $15,000 in a month. It would tickle me so to reach even half that benchmark. 

It was a benchmark alright with me sitting on the bench. 

But the reality of it all folks, it was a bug in the eBay system.
The bug in eBay's account information that said Stirred2generosity   was maxed out.   
And the only benchmark that I reached this month was the one of relisting more items. 

Hobnail Parlor lamps or make-up table Shabby-Chic

Hobnail Milk Glass lamp $9.50
Vintage Shabby Chic Lamp $59.00
Here are some excellent example of Shabby chic taste. The sea-foam light green with gold-tone design shapes that look like window sashes. Pink floral could be gladiolas since the green leaves on the base of the flower is long and green with gold trim, also. This lamp is 13 plus inch tall and is in working condition. This is really a nice little lamp.

Vtg. triple tier 11" inch Hobnail milk glass makeup table lamp.$14.75
3 in 1oil can with fluid inside. $14.75

God bless you and thanks for shopping. 

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