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Monday, April 22, 2019

MotheDay May 12th 2019 Soon to list --ready to ship

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Wow, check out this video album  Google made from my photo shoot. After you click this link the video button is top right corner.

Do you know Mother's Day is just around the corner?  Yes May 12th
   Mom's are special in all of our daily living. It is those little things they do or have done and sometimes we did know they did something for us in some way that we benefited from it.
 For some like myself, our mom's are no longer with us. But we can be grateful for the memories.  Like the peanut butter cookie recipe, she left me one day years ago.   
It is her own and writing, too.  I have made cookies using the recipe now and then.  The cookies come out of the oven and smell so good, and they are. However, there is just something missing. Something that can never be baked into those peanut butter cookies the way mom made them.  Her smile and laughter and the fun she had making them.  She told me once that I ate them faster than she could bake them. Don't you know a glass of cold milk and freshly baked peanut butter cookies to dunk in it is the best thing? You had to get the cookie out of the milk at the right time. Not too long before the warm was gone and not too long before the cookie broke off into the milk and then get it to your taste buds.   Those were the days and mom's make them bright. Thanks, mom for the memories!  Today coffee takes the place of the milk. But nothing can replace mom.

Please try my mom's peanut butter cookie recipe.

Talking about coffee please take a look at the Manning Bowman electric coffee percolator listed of eBay.    
Manning Bowman Electric coffee percolator

I tested this percolator and it makes great coffee. This is just right for those vintage memories and a plate full of freshly baked cookies.
Anchor Hocking Irish Coffee mugs
 If you want to try some Irish coffee with the cookies. Personally, I do not drink liquor so cannot testify to the taste of it with cookies. May you could let me know? 

 Please have a great day and don't forget to shop my listings for your mother's day gifts. Hurry time is going fast. 


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