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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Better with age...I'm talking about antiques!

JimBo at Lake Junaluska dam

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 Hi, my name is Jim Brookins known by many as Jimbo’. Welcome to Jimbos.Online blogger spot, and all of the neat items you can find here.

 Back in 2001, I found an interest in Vintage, Antique, Mid-Century and Modern pieces for my personal use. I also enjoyed auctions and bought sometimes in bulk. Running out of space I began selling in the local Antique Mall. Later with two business partners, we opened an Antique store. I still have the sign that was on the door here is a picture of it. But it’s a long story I won’t bore you with details. Other than it was named after Walter, Tommy, and yours truly JimBo'.
WallyTomBo's Antiques L.L.C.

Just to say the store is now closed and I’m on my own having a blast selling now online to people just like you who enjoy great deals.
I have moved all of my personal inventory into a storage building. Now almost ten years after WallyTomBos Antiques closed its doors all of those vintage items are being offered for sale. Guess what the antique industry has over the new item industry? Time and age are a perquisite, the longer the items are around the more vintage they become. Kind of like a good wine in a wooden barrel, it gets better with age.
Wine decanter complete with blown glass and sipper.  

Blown glass Wine decanter with sipper ice chamber & wicker green glass bottle

Another neat thing for me as it is for you is this. It is a treasure hunt for both. I do not recall what is in all of those boxes.   Old tools and oil cans. Small shovels and wrenches, wood plans, draw shaves, bit and brace. Little stubby screwdrivers by Craftsman Stanley, Snap-on.
Craftsman stubby screwdriver
Somewhere within boxes of stored items, there it is it the one thing you have wanted. You may need it for yourself or a gift for that special person or persons in your life. So I have done my best to research, describe and photograph it for you.

 Hey, we both need money it’s a fact of life at the same time-saving money is a great thing to do, too. This is where shopping at my site is this difference. Making reasonable offers isn’t going to hurt my feelings. Giving you a great deal is my goal. Don't forget to subscribe, enter your email on Jimbo's.Online home page. You will not get spammed from me. I hardly have time to make a post on the blog and empty boxes. What good is spam anyhow? Never cared for the canned meats anyway.  

 Shipping rates are difficult to reduce since I don’t own the airplanes and trucks. Speaking of shipping. I have nearly 4 decades of experience providing quality customer service. Package handling is so important to me and my packing of your item is with great care. There is nothing worse than opening a long-awaited treasure only to find it damaged. You will be happy to purchase high-quality items as described. To bring back wonderful memories of the past and delight to your lifestyle.

 Send me any question you have. Then jump right in with a bag, well, take the cart instead and fill it up. Today is your day for fun. 
 Thanks for dropping in. JimBo’

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