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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Just yesterday!

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It was just yesterday, I was so excited about promoting my blog. The delivery man brought me a small box. Inside was 500 neat business cards complete with my logo JimBoS.OnLine blog sites and my mug shot.  Being retired I don't see as many people as I did working.

So I gave one or two to some nice folks that I met up with just yesterday.  While talking with them about my blog and eBay site Stirred2Generosity and Etsy site JimBos OnLine Save 10% .      My eBay site right now as about 50 items while only 8 on Etsy.    But much more is on the way. I have so many vintage and antique items that I never really know what will come from storage the next time I am there.

 Just like the folks I talk to in person who told me the things they are interested in. You know antique tools, vintage car parts, collectible coins & paper money.  I got to thinking about the last one coins and paper money. The way I see it is I collect those, too  I am wide open for any contributions predominantly large ones.

But here's what I would like to hear from you.  What Arts & Mid-Century  or Retro things that interest you the most.
 Coming up soon will be some vintage hand tools and even a sewing table. Speaking of tables. I have four Claw foot table legs.
They are not from the famous Thomas Chippendale circa 1700 with more than 20 styles of "Ball and Claw" designs. I might guess that these are more from the Mid-Century around 1960 or 1970.  More Retro as for the age of them.
Please leave comments and your thoughts.  I am working on a post for textiles and drapes from the 1960 and 1970 areas.  The hardest part about that will be learning the different name of those flower power days.  I was only 10 or 12 years of age back then.

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