Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sweet Sweet the Memories you gave to me...memories are made of this...

Sweet Sweet the Memories you gave to me...memories are made of this...

This goes for your own memories. What are they made of the list is endless it's as broad as the imagination. If I could bring only a few of them to your frontal lobe and motivate those memories. How much more enriched your life could be. 

Is it the wooden bucket and tin can with a handle attached, the ice cubes and the rock salt... the milk and sugar with added vanilla. 

Or is it the finished ice cream? What if it was more about the memories surrounding the bucket. You know your brothers and sister, mom and dad and even the dog. 
Then too, it's those cool Melmac bowls the ice cream went into, topped with Hershey chocolate syrup and salted peanuts. 
We all have memories that we want to keep. My goal is sharing with you, merchandise that helps to do just that. can't beat the memories you gave to the song goes! 
Memories are made of this! 
This is what motivates me to provide antiques and vintage or mid-century items. Because we all should make and maintain memories. 
When I moved to Western North Carolina in 1993. I never thought about the opportunity that this area gave me. Until I looked into the vast amount of antiques available here. The more I looked the more of my own memories were rekindled. 
I would find myself purposely attending one or more of the many auction houses in the area. Soon I was selling at a local antique mall...later I owned my own antique store. 
Over time the store closed and those memories were locked up in storage. How sad for them. But now my Etsy shop allows me to display and sell them for you to enjoy once again.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Just yesterday!

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It was just yesterday, I was so excited about promoting my blog. The delivery man brought me a small box. Inside was 500 neat business cards complete with my logo JimBoS.OnLine blog sites and my mug shot.  Being retired I don't see as many people as I did working.

So I gave one or two to some nice folks that I met up with just yesterday.  While talking with them about my blog and eBay site Stirred2Generosity and Etsy site JimBos OnLine Save 10% .      My eBay site right now as about 50 items while only 8 on Etsy.    But much more is on the way. I have so many vintage and antique items that I never really know what will come from storage the next time I am there.

 Just like the folks I talk to in person who told me the things they are interested in. You know antique tools, vintage car parts, collectible coins & paper money.  I got to thinking about the last one coins and paper money. The way I see it is I collect those, too  I am wide open for any contributions predominantly large ones.

But here's what I would like to hear from you.  What Arts & Mid-Century  or Retro things that interest you the most.
 Coming up soon will be some vintage hand tools and even a sewing table. Speaking of tables. I have four Claw foot table legs.
They are not from the famous Thomas Chippendale circa 1700 with more than 20 styles of "Ball and Claw" designs. I might guess that these are more from the Mid-Century around 1960 or 1970.  More Retro as for the age of them.
Please leave comments and your thoughts.  I am working on a post for textiles and drapes from the 1960 and 1970 areas.  The hardest part about that will be learning the different name of those flower power days.  I was only 10 or 12 years of age back then.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mid-Century 1960 Crewel knitting design

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Mid-Century Art design (save 10% using this link)  Crewel knitting design the pattern is transferred to the art surface and the knitter can then begin knitting the yarn.  
 As a guy who is not much into sewing let alone knitting working with un-finished cloth textiles. All I can say is this sewing is hard to get the thread into that little eye of the needle. Maybe Crewel knitting is something that is easier to do?

Visit ten detail photos Crewel art design that I offer and leave your comments on this post.   

Circa 1960 Crewel Knit Art
1960's Framed Crewel Knit art. Woven design framed wall art with a paper seal(small tear in the paper) on the reverse. The artist used a Mid Century pitcher for the focal point of the floral arrangement. Suitable to hang as it is. However, some of the black paint has chipped off. To refinish the chipped areas of light wood, the paper seal on the back will need removing to allow for the art to be removed. I will leave that up to the new owner. 

Framed art is 14" inches wide and 25 1/4" Inches tall. Painted in flat black with colors of orange and yellow-brown design on light beige tweed type material.

Here it is early morning,(up-dating Feb.18th)well it could have been a long evening, too? Above I said that the pattern was transferred to the art surface. But I just learned that crewel knitting is freestyle and that it dates back to the 16th and 17th century. Crewel is by definition loosely twisted, worsted yarn, used for tapestry and embroidery.